Below are some live examples of how customers use our Voomcode service.

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Big Brand Coffees recommends  Voomcode

VoomCode is a very powerful piece of technology that will add value to your product or service make life easier for your customer to get key information fast and on demand. We have one on every product.

Edinburgh Castle Coffee is also powered by Voomcode

Below is some key benefits 
  • Voomcode can create a link to your vehicle service plans for instant access.
> Check to see when any fleet vehicle was last services and by who ?  Update the system service plan within 2 mins.
  • Golf course machine servicing, made easy and user friendly.
  • Golf course Tee information 
  • Property company's letting agents can link a video or sales page to each property. 
  •  listed buildings castles can link a video or welcome page to each castle giving key information. ( ideal for out of season visits and after hours visits)
  • Service company's use Voomcodes for sticking to there boilers again for key service information . ( update this to your cloud )
  • Museums use Voomcodes for passing key information directly to the public. ( sometimes it's just a short 2 min video)
  • Car sales man love Voomcode as its great for warming up a customer, you can also tell if a customers interested in a car or not based on them watching the short video . The Voomcode directs them to key important information about a specific vehicle,including price and finance options. This friendly approach lets customers get key information fast direct to there phone. ( great for after hours customer visits) 

We can set the system up to track and record usage see how many times a customer scanned the code.

This is the future of all  works vans.
When you scan the works van with your phone this automatically put the workers number in you address book ?
This is a fun feature that workers love.