Voomcode platform

  • Is your business staying ahead of the curve ?
  • Technology is changing are you ? 
  • Is your business moving with the times ?
  • Voomcode is at the cutting edge of technology and customer trends.
  • Voomcode makes it easier for your customers to connect with your brand or product.
  • Voomcode creates an information highway for your customers in real time.

The way customers connect with you and your business is changing. Voomcode has got the ideal solution for you, we will keep your business at the cutting edge of customer activities and trends. Voomcode has conducted over 70 private customer surveys, we know the direction customers are moving towards. Nearly everyone has a smart phone these days so why not take advantage of this and get smart your self . 

So why choose Voomcode

Voomcode has been working with some of the best technology experts in the country. Together we have built a fantastic piece of software that can help your customers now connect with your business with little to no effort required.
Our team has been working with qr technology for the last 5 years
and we have now re designed our software so any phone, ipad or tablet in the world can scan our codes direct to your business.
  • Free hosting to all our customers
  • Free forwarding service 
  • Free setup and design of your Voomcode
We offer 3 simple packages, you choose what ever one suits your business & budget.

Connecting people to businesses. 
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